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Otile Brown awful In Bed – Vera Sidka

Vera Sidika accuses Otile Brown of having a teenie weenie peenie

Vera Sidika has revealed more intimate secrets between her stifling love affair with singer Otile Brown, while mocking the singer for his teenie weenie peenie.

Vera was responding to comments made by her fans that her new song titled Nalia was her crying out for Otile’s love.

The socialite has come out guns blazing to publicly shame her ex-boyfriend saying that there is no way the song could have been about him since he did not satisfy her sexually due to his poor performances in bed.

Through her Insta stories she went went ahead to share conversations she had with Otile about their relationship.

“Concerning my new song Nalia I had plans of getting into music. So it had nothing to do with anyone,” she wrote.

Vera says she was the one teaching Otile bedroom matters with it becoming a topic of discussion between them all the time.

In one particular conversation, Otile accuses Vera of being a ‘sex addict’ and also masturbating while he is asleep next to her.In response, Vera accused him of always finishing up the job quickly, leaving her high and dry. Through all this, she says, she still remained faithful to him.

“He claimed I am a sex addict and would play with myself while he is sleeping. Who wouldn’t? If a man can’t satisfy you, no foreplay, no kisses, no touching just fuck and comes in 10 seconds. Of course you would play with yourself because he left you hanging,” she wrote.

The lengthy post ends with her sharing direct message conversation she has had with other women who warned her of Otile’s habit of dating rich girls to boost his lifestyle and advance his music career.

The once inseparable couple had a bitter breakup last August, and have since been airing their dirty linens in public.

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