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Education Ministry to discipline principals who seek extra money from parents

Ministry of Education has ordered school principals not to impose extra and illegal levies on parents with children reporting to Form one.

Director of Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Education Pius Mutisya yesterday said the ministry will punish rogue school heads.

“The ministry won’t hesitate to take action against boards of management violating admission regulations by asking for more than personal belongings and capped school fees,” Mutisya told wembe.co.ke on phone yesterday

He called on parents to only pay the amount on the fees structure provided by the government. “Report incidents of students turned away for not paying higher fees,” He added. They should report to their regional education coordinators and county directors of education for action.

Kenya National Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo praised the government for coming out to protect the interests of parents.

“Parents deserve a refund for the loss they have incurred on the extra levy during these hard economic times,” Maiyo said.

A spot check by wembe.co.ke revealed that despite the principals’ adhering to the ministry’s school fees guideline, they have devised other ways to overcharge for other admission requirements.

According to parents, some schools require students to purchase uniforms in the schools on admission. The prices of uniforms have been hiked.

Others illegal requirements include telling students to purchase at least one item of sports equipment such as a hockey stick. Some are required to buy a ream of paper while some schools have failed to provide a fee clearance receipt, with a breakdown of how the funds will be spent.

wembe.co.ke also found that some schools still charge a medical fee of Sh500 to Sh1,000, despite students having NHIF cover.

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